Invest Like a Boss

From quick-fix & flips, to long term multi-family rent and holds – the options to real estate investments are limitless! But..what makes the most sense for you? Once we understand your needs, timeline and risk tolerance, I will design an investment plan tailored to help you reach your real estate investment goals. Up your real estate investment game by speaking to me today!

Here are some of my favorite ways to make your dollar go further:

Airbnb Friendly Properties

Ever thought about renting out your investment property for $100, $200, or maybe even $300 a night? Ask me about my exclusive Airbnb properties list in Vancouver and the Airbnb rents in the different neighborhoods. I'm excited to make your money work for you!

Land Value

Thinking about purchasing a detached house but don’t know what your options are? Speak to me today and we’ll evaluate the current and future potential of the land you are interested in!

Fix & Flip

What would be best for fixing and flipping? To what degree should I fix my home up? Barebones or nicest home on the block? These are all questions I will help you answer. Let's have a conversation - Call or text me today!


Looking for a great deal in foreclosures but unsure what court-ordered sale procedures, legal jargon, and competing offers mean? Leave the details up to me. Message me today to talk!


Want to sit back, relax, and watch your money grow? Let me show you how to invest in strategically, handpicked presales in order to maximize your chance of growth, with the least amount of risk. Yes, there will be a Plan B in place too. Let’s chat!

Presale Assignments

Bought a presale but would like to invest your money somewhere else? Let me show you how to turn that contract into cash. This used to be my bread and butter, call me today and let me show you how I got my start in real estate investing!

Let's have a conversation - Call or text me today!

Learn how Vivian can help take the stress away from the buying or selling process.

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