When Vivian was growing up, her mother’s dream was always to own their own cozy, little home in Vancouver. However, countless realtors dismissed them as their budget of $500,000 was simply “not enough” to purchase a 2-bedroom home in Vancouver 10 years ago. Having been discouraged a few times and thinking it was out of reach, her family never ended up purchasing their own property. 

 Today, Vivian is a Top 1.1% industry award-winning real estate agent who went into real estate to make sure that every client with even the slightest ambition or intention of purchasing a home of their own, will know how to reach their goal and never miss out on the opportunity of homeownership. 

 Her focus is on providing the highest level of service to every single one of her clients. From assessing her clients’ wish list in a home to explaining timelines, budgets, and taxes, Vivian is there all the way as every part of a real estate transaction is an important one. Having been there herself, Vivian wants to make sure her clients’ hard-earned money goes as far as possible in any market. 

 Looking back, with the knowledge and market insights Vivian has now, $500,000 was more than enough to purchase a 2-bedroom in Vancouver 10 years ago, and it is even enough to purchase a 2-bedroom today.

Why choose Vivian?

Based in Vancouver, Vivian Yu has a proven track record of client success. She’s passionate about real estate and aims to share that passion with her clients by delivering an experience that they’ll love. Vivian is up-to-date with the latest changes and developments in the market and draws upon her years of experience to help her clients achieve their goals.


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